Karlene Bauer

Email: kbauer@greenco.com
Phone: (732) 510-1434

Since 1990 Karlene has been the firm’s administrator, overseeing all the day to day operation and management for our offices, including financial management, payroll, client relations, employee benefits and personnel issues, information technology, facilities management and procurement.

In 2017, Founder, Len Green made her to Managing Partner. Karlene has been fulfilling the role of Managing Partner on a daily basis for many years and Len felt there as no one more qualified within his organization.

Karlene has more than 30 years of professional experience in administration of a CPA practice with emphasis on HR, including staff retention and recruiting, employee relations, personal development and team building.

Karlene assists the staff in effectively balancing the personal and professional needs of The Green Group.

When away from the office, Karlene spends time with her family and friends and works with Len with his other business ventures.