The Green Group

The Green Group is a highly regarded and recognized tax, accounting and consulting firm across each of its niche areas as well as in day-to-day tax and accounting practices. Our entrepreneurial expertise allows us to think critically and work with you to help save you money.

The Green Group is an accounting, tax, consulting and advisory firm with a unique approach - out of the box, entrepreneurial thinking. With a team of seasoned, highly successful entrepreneurs, family business owners, real estate owners, investors and specialists in IRS audits and thoroughbred racing, we see the business world through a special lens and find solutions in ways our competition simply can not.

We go beyond the typical accounting firm-client relationship and invest ourselves into understanding the intricacies of your particular business and financial situation. Our cloud technologies allow us to be accessible to you wherever you may be. We are your trusted business advocates and advisors, and can help your business catch wave after wave of success.

Our Philosophy

The Green Group provides a One Firm Solution for your personal and business taxes and finances. We understand the security you require when it comes to planning and our number one priority is that you feel safe and comfortable with these crucial aspects of your life.

We take a very proactive approach toward planning for you and your business. We are well ahead of the curve when it comes to tax and estate planning. On a daily basis, we continue to recalibrate our knowledge to adjust with the tax and estate law changes in order to best assist you in creating a more secure future.

The Green Group's goal is to increase your wealth by providing solid advice and by being your trusted financial advocate.