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Proven Strategies: Best Results for Buying 2-Year-Olds

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Caroline Alvarado
April 30th, 2019

The April edition of our Proven Strategies column with Thoroughbred Daily News shows you how you can increase your chances of success at the next two-year-old sales auction. Len Green describes the process one should expect to encounter at an auction, the qualities to look for in a potential horse purchase, and how buliding the right team will put you at a competitive advantage. 

Click here to read the article:

The Green Group has over 400 clients in the horse industry, many of them leaders in their respective industries. We are happy to serve as a source of connecting you to the right people in the industry. 

Readers of the TDN column receive a one-hour free tax consultation, contact us today!

The Green Group: (732) 634-5100 

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CEO and founder of The Green Group, Len Green was named TOBA Owner of the Month along with his wife,...

Caroline Alvarado

Earlier this month we had the opportunity to sponsor The Green Group Room on the Fasig-Tipton grounds in Lexington, Kentucky!

Caroline Alvarado

Just in time for the two largest yearling sales, Len Green details how you can take full advantage o

Caroline Alvarado

The April edition of our Proven Strategies column with Thoroughbred Daily News shows you how you can increase your chances of success at the next two-year-old sales auction. Len Green describes the process one should expect to encounter at an auction, the qualities to look for in a potential horse purchase, and how buliding the right team will put you at a competitive advantage. 

Click here to read the article:

The Green Group has over 400 clients in the horse industry, many of them leaders in their respective industries. We are happy to serve as a source of connecting you to the right people in the industry. 

Readers of the TDN column receive a one-hour free tax consultation, contact us today!

The Green Group: (732) 634-5100 


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